Four Cup Coffee Makers-Good, Better, Best

If you’re searching for coffee makers and you’re looking for four cup coffee makers you might not want to buy the cheapest one accessible. If you’re searching for something to deliver consistency and a great coffee drinking cup then you might want to bite the bullet and invest a little more on a decent coffee machine. It will help you avoid frustration with the cheaper brands that you are having.Learn more about us check it out 

If you decide to cheap out and buy the bottom of the barrel coffee makers there are some common problems you should know about.

Spillage is very popular in inexpensive 4 cup coffee makers. It seems for whatever reason that they deliberately build the pour spouts to bring coffee everywhere except in your cup of coffee. You end up with hot, scolding coffee on the fridge, bench and table but not in the cup if you pour even a little too quickly. Unfortunately if you’ve gone cheap you’ve got only about two choices. You should throw away the trash and buy a proper 4 cup coffee pot. The other option is for very slow pouring. So sluggish that by the time you have enough in the cup to drink the coffee is usually cold.

The next issue is not so much a problem but more of a royal pain in the ass. It’s the moisture issue which builds up in the basket. Then you take the burner out of the pot and the moisture drips. Also, as I said, it doesn’t cause a big concern, but it causes a mess that adds to extra cleaning that most of us don’t have time for.

The next thing I d in the cheap four cup coffee makers is the faulty delay braw function. You can schedule your coffee pot to turn on at any time with delay brew, and start brewing the cup. This is a great feature in the better coffee makers but it tends not to work more frequently than it does in the cheap ones. The bad thing is that it tends to work too if you don’t want to. For example, you may have the delay brew set for seven in the morning, and it will start brewing at eleven in the evening for some reason. Yes, this can prove to be not just a pain but also dangerous in some cases.

Longevity is of course always a problem when you sacrifice the standard of four cup coffee makers that you make. I guess if you just brew a few pots a month you might get away with being cheap. Yet most people are boiling at least one pot a day. Under those terms, I can guarantee you won’t hold out free.

Finally, there is the quantity problem. Maybe somebody out there will explain me why the inexpensive four cup coffee makers produce three cups of coffee, but the more expensive ones make four cups actually. That was always a surprise to me. I’m sure the temperature, heat, condensation and steam have something to do with that.