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This is the year they get to really explore the academic world. Reading is one subject which is officially introduced to first graders. Acquiring the basics of reading during this grade is important for first graders otherwise they will struggle with all of their subjects. However, while many students are learning the basic skills required for reading at and above grade level, many students are struggling with first reading. Fortunately, there are exercises in 1st grade lecture tutoring that tutoring services and tutors can complete with students to help them develop the reading skills needed to become skilled readers. You can get additional information at Huntington Learning Center of Cherry Hill

Option No. 1: Flash Cards The flash card drills are one of the most effective read exercises you can offer first graders. These drills paire word graphics with the word’s written form. Flash cards perform better because they use imagery to help the pupil link the written word to a picture easily. Flash cards are popular with first graders, parents and teachers, because they are easy to make, cheap, and easy to store and use.

Option No. 2: Storytime It is a great way to (1) peak their interest in reading and (2) develop their reading skills by introducing first graders to great literary characters. Although they may not be able to read all the words in the story books they select at first, they will pick up more and more words as they read along with you until they can read you the book from cover to cover.

Choice No. 3: Repetition in compositional Drills is essential to learning how to read and compose. Because of that, by having them complete journaling exercises, you can help first graders develop their literacy skills. Their journaling exercises will not be elaborate stories but will most likely be lists of words and phrases in the vocabulary.

Choice No. 4: Magnetic Word Exercises Another enjoyable reading activity you should do is using magnetic words to make sentences together. That can be a fun project with first graders to do. For starters, you are working with your first graders to write a story or to explain a scene on a metal board using magnetic words.